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EclecticIQ In Consortium Selected by European Commission to Enhance Europe's Cyber and Information Warfare Capabilities

Led by Airbus Defence and Space, 22 European partners will set off to strengthen Europe’s cyber and information warfare defence

Introducing Erik Jan Hengstmengel:
The Liaison for PIB Cybersecurity Germany

We are pleased to introduce Erik Jan Hengstmengel, the designated liaison for the Partners for International Business (PIB) Cybersecurity Germany program. The PIB program allows Dutch businesses to forge public-private partnerships and achieve their international ambitions. With the support of the Dutch government, these partnerships are empowered to develop tailor-made action plans spanning 2 to 3 years, enabling better market access for Dutch businesses. The PIB Cybersecurity Germany liaison, Erik Jan Hengstmengel, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, building networks and facilitating collaboration for Dutch parties in southern Germany.

Erik Jan Hengstmengel

Erik Jan brings a wealth of experience to his role as a liaison. Having resided in Munich for 22 years, he has worked in various roles within the IT industry. His career spans 12 years as a business consultant for Capgemini, where he specialized in innovation, startup guidance, and change management. Additionally, he has served as an Interim Manager for prominent SMEs and family-owned companies, overseeing large-scale IT projects. Over the past decade, Erik Jan has held directorial positions in the German subsidiaries of two Dutch IT solutions and services providers. Throughout his professional journey, he has actively participated in various German-Dutch business networks.

What makes Erik Jan particularly suited for his liaison role is his deep understanding of cybersecurity. As a service provider, he was responsible for managing some of Germany's largest E-business platforms, making him well-versed in handling cyber incidents, data privacy, information security, and establishing robust systems and processes. Furthermore, he has also served as a crisis manager, aiding hacked companies in swiftly restoring their operations.

Identifying opportunities
As the liaison, Erik Jan has two primary objectives. Firstly, he aims to position the Dutch Cybersecurity sector prominently in southern Germany. This entails engaging with companies, decision-makers, local authorities, potential partners, and other stakeholders, with the valuable support of the Dutch Consulate-General. Secondly, he strives to support PIB companies by identifying opportunities and forging connections with the cybersecurity sector and individual companies in southern Germany.

Erik Jan encourages all interested parties, including local stakeholders, to reach out to him for collaboration or further information about the cluster. His expertise and dedication will contribute significantly to the success of Dutch companies operating within the cybersecurity domain. Notably, the companies he mentors include Codean, Compumatica, EclecticIQ, Guardian360, Hudson Cybertec, Secquard, SecuMailer, SonicBee, Ubiqu, and Zynyo. Together, they form a formidable force in the realm of cybersecurity.

For those aiming to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity and forge fruitful partnerships, Erik Jan Hengstmengel is the trusted point of contact.

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Collaboration NL-Germany: Facing Cyber Threats Together

In April, Dutch and German cybersecurity leaders gathered in Munich as part of Partners for International Business (PIB) cybersecurity Germany. The event  was an opportunity to network and exchange knowledge. PIB is a three-year programme by a cluster of Dutch cybersecurity companies to enter the German market and set up collaborations to help improve the level of cybersecurity in both Germany and the Netherlands.

Seventy-five participants attended the meeting with distinguished speakers on cyber threats and cyber security including Dr. Michael Guntsch, Engineering Director at the Google Safety Center in München and Job Kuijpers, CEO and co-founder of leading European cybersecurity and insurtech firm Eye Security

PIB Germany on Trade Mission to IT-SA

During the trade mission to southern Germany, 10 cluster members of Partners for International Business (PIB) Germany on Cyber Security visited Intel Ignite  and the residency of the Dutch Consulate-General in Munich and the IT-SA 2022 in Nuremberg, Europe's leading trade fair for IT security.