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Cyber Security Visit to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Munich in April 2024

From 23 to 25 April 2024 a delegation of Dutch cyber security companies, who are part of the Partners for International Business to Germany, brought a visit to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Munich. During this visit, they learned more about the cyber security landscape in Baden-Württemberg and connected with the key players within this field in this region. 

The visit was kicked off with a networking dinner in Stuttgart. During this dinner, Sebastian Schreiber, Managing Director of Syss, did a life hacking and gave a presentation on their experiences doing business in Baden-Württemberg. The next day, the delegation had to get up early and visited Karlsruhe, one of the most important locations in Germany for the development and application of cyber security. There they brought a visit to the cyber security start-up incubator StartUpSecure KASTEL and the leading cybersecurity research institute KIT KASTEL. 

After this, they traveled back to Stuttgart where the Dutch cyber delegation hosted a networking lunch and round table on cyber treats and challenges SME’s are facing. This took place at the IHK Region Stuttgart. The delegation felt honored that both representatives of the government in Baden-Württemberg and key players from the industry wanted to participate in this round table. As a conclusion of this exciting first day, the Dutch delegation took part in the King’s Day celebrations in Stuttgart. Many thanks to Albrecht Kruse, the Dutch honorary consul in Baden-Württemberg, for the invitation. 

The second part of the Dutch cybersecurity visit to southern Germany took place in Munich. During a lunch session on German law, hosted by HEUSSEN, our delegation learned more about legal issues related to doing business in Germany. After that session, the Dutch delegation hosted a second round table. This time on cyber security in the health sector. During this round table, they were privileged to welcome leading representatives from the Bavarian government, university clinics and the industry who talked about the biggest challenges in IT solutions within the health sector and possible solutions to these challenges. A very exciting exchange. After the round table the Dutch delegation participated in the King's Day celebrations in Munich, hosted by the Dutch Consulate General in Munich together with Businessclub Deutschland Niederlande.

PIB Germany Event 2023: Sharing Knowledge and Enhancing Collaboration in Cybersecurity

Published on HSD: On 14 November 2023, the Partners for International Business (PIB) Programme Germany organised an  event  in München: “Zusammenarbeit in der Cybersicherheit: Die wichtigsten Aufgaben für die Unternehmensführung”. The aim of the event was to bring together Dutch and German organisations and to stimulate collaboration and exchanges of knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. At the same time, C-suite decision-makers were able to gain relevant insights into the most important cybersecurity areas and developments. Chairman of the event was Erik Jan Hengstmengel, Liaison Officer PIB Cybersecurity Germany.  

The day started off with a warm welcome by Mira Woldberg, Deputy Ambassador of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Germany, where she addressed the importance of cybersecurity, the history of Bavarian-Dutch collaboration and the significance of working together.  In addition, Dr. Hans Michael Strepp, Ministerial Director, Head of Department of the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital, presented a speech on why cybersecurity is a topic that cannot be solved by one single country but requires collaboration. He also expressed his excitement on the establishment of partnerships between the Netherlands and Bavaria.

Keynotes and Paneldiscussion  

Keynote speaker Dr. Silvia Knittl  (Director Enterprise Security Architecture at PwC Deutschland) addressed Zero Trust as the basis for trust in the digital transformation. And Dimitri van Zantvliet, CISO at NS, touched upon the dilemmas and future of the NS-cyberstrategy. Dr. Silvia Knittl,  Dimitri van Zantvliet and Chris van den Hooven (Senior IACS Security Consultant at Hudson Cybertec), also shared their insights during the 'Lessons Learned' panel discussion.  Emily Jacometti (CO-CEO Hackshield Future Cyber Heroes) concluded the programme with a keynote on how to create a cyber safe generation. 

Breakout Sessions

The PIB Germany members and several German organisations also took the floor by hosting various breakout sessions.  
•    Hudson Cybertec  &  Rhebo teamed up to talk about security in the cyber-physical world and specifically the ways how critical infrastructures can be protected.  
•    Guardian360  and  The Bristol Group worked together to present a session on how to take control and ensure compliance with laws and regulations in order to create trust.  
•    Munich Re dived into the investments and risks of cybersecurity through a discussion on the interaction between cyber insurance requirements and residual cybersecurity risk.  
•    SecuMailer  and  Universität der Bundeswehr München collaborated to host an interactive session on the creation of a resilient cyber security culture through awareness on the one hand and enforcement on the other hand.  
•    GCS Cyber  and  Siemens  Advanta  joined forces to address the issue of how to attract much sought-after cyber specialists  while  taking diversity and inclusivity into account. 
•    EclecticIQ  tackled  the topic of monitor access and how one can protect their company from external cyber threats.

The day ended with some networking drinks and a relaxing dinner to discuss the topics of the programme, connect with each other and seal future collaborations. 

Introducing Erik Jan Hengstmengel:
The Liaison for PIB Cybersecurity Germany

We are pleased to introduce Erik Jan Hengstmengel, the designated liaison for the Partners for International Business (PIB) Cybersecurity Germany program. The PIB program allows Dutch businesses to forge public-private partnerships and achieve their international ambitions. With the support of the Dutch government, these partnerships are empowered to develop tailor-made action plans spanning 2 to 3 years, enabling better market access for Dutch businesses. The PIB Cybersecurity Germany liaison, Erik Jan Hengstmengel, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, building networks and facilitating collaboration for Dutch parties in southern Germany.

Erik Jan Hengstmengel

Erik Jan brings a wealth of experience to his role as a liaison. Having resided in Munich for 22 years, he has worked in various roles within the IT industry. His career spans 12 years as a business consultant for Capgemini, where he specialized in innovation, startup guidance, and change management. Additionally, he has served as an Interim Manager for prominent SMEs and family-owned companies, overseeing large-scale IT projects. Over the past decade, Erik Jan has held directorial positions in the German subsidiaries of two Dutch IT solutions and services providers. Throughout his professional journey, he has actively participated in various German-Dutch business networks.

What makes Erik Jan particularly suited for his liaison role is his deep understanding of cybersecurity. As a service provider, he was responsible for managing some of Germany's largest E-business platforms, making him well-versed in handling cyber incidents, data privacy, information security, and establishing robust systems and processes. Furthermore, he has also served as a crisis manager, aiding hacked companies in swiftly restoring their operations.

Identifying Opportunities

As the liaison, Erik Jan has two primary objectives. Firstly, he aims to position the Dutch Cybersecurity sector prominently in southern Germany. This entails engaging with companies, decision-makers, local authorities, potential partners, and other stakeholders, with the valuable support of the Dutch Consulate-General. Secondly, he strives to support PIB companies by identifying opportunities and forging connections with the cybersecurity sector and individual companies in southern Germany.

Erik Jan encourages all interested parties, including local stakeholders, to reach out to him for collaboration or further information about the cluster. His expertise and dedication will contribute significantly to the success of Dutch companies operating within the cybersecurity domain. Notably, the companies he mentors include Compumatica, EclecticIQ, Guardian360, Hudson Cybertec, Secquard, SecuMailer, SonicBee, Ubiqu, and Zynyo. Together, they form a formidable force in the realm of cybersecurity.

For those aiming to navigate the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity and look for sustainable partnerships, Erik Jan Hengstmengel is the trusted point of contact.

Contact Erik Jan Hengstmengel

EclecticIQ In Consortium Selected by European Commission to Enhance Europe's Cyber and Information Warfare Capabilities

Led by Airbus Defence and Space, 22 European partners will set off to strengthen Europe’s cyber and information warfare defence

Collaboration NL-Germany: Facing Cyber Threats Together

In April, Dutch and German cybersecurity leaders gathered in Munich as part of Partners for International Business (PIB) cybersecurity Germany. The event  was an opportunity to network and exchange knowledge. PIB is a three-year programme by a cluster of Dutch cybersecurity companies to enter the German market and set up collaborations to help improve the level of cybersecurity in both Germany and the Netherlands.

Seventy-five participants attended the meeting with distinguished speakers on cyber threats and cyber security including Dr. Michael Guntsch, Engineering Director at the Google Safety Center in München and Job Kuijpers, CEO and co-founder of leading European cybersecurity and insurtech firm Eye Security

PIB Germany on Trade Mission to IT-SA

During the trade mission to southern Germany, 10 cluster members of Partners for International Business (PIB) Germany on Cyber Security visited Intel Ignite  and the residency of the Dutch Consulate-General in Munich and the IT-SA 2022 in Nuremberg, Europe's leading trade fair for IT security.