Coalition for Defence & Security Greece

Together for a safer and more secure Europe.

A public-private initiative from the Netherlands

To protect what we value, investing in defence and security is key. Both Greece and the Netherlands can be proud of a long maritime history and our modern and up-to-date defence industries. We propose a mutually beneficial partnership, where we help each other fulfil our needs and fill in our knowledge gaps.

By cooperating in the field of defence and security, we create a strong and equal partnership to further innovation and R&D. The Netherlands is a trusted and reliable partner for Greece. We offer high-tech defence systems, knowledge and skills that can help Greek defence personnel upgrade their equipment and take their work to the next level.

Long-term partnership

The Dutch Coalition for Defence & Security in Greece unites Dutch organisations active on the crossroads of security and innovation. We like to continue to build a long-term partnership with Greece, based on autonomy, equality, reliability and shared values. We believe together we can make Europe and the world a safer and more secure place.

Through cooperation with the Greek government and defence industry we are keen to contribute to the further development of defence and security in Greece and in Europe in general. From modern anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare and stealth aircraft to mine warfare and technical and operational training, we offer the latest technological advancements in defence and security.

Integrated security solutions

Our experienced cluster offers integrated security solutions, from state-of-the-art technology and services to the expertise and training required to operate our high-tech solutions. Our partners cover all sectors of the defence and security industry, from maritime and airspace to land-based systems and cybersecurity.

All partners are dedicated to further developing the Greek defence and security sector and are enthusiastic to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with their Greek partners. Let’s cocreate innovative solutions to solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Together we can promote peace, justice and strong institutions in Europe and the world.

The Netherlands as your partner

The Netherlands Defence Approach combines Development, Diplomacy and Defence. Our main focus is on sustainable development, conflict resolution and improving the security situation.

In the Netherlands, the government, knowledge institutions and private sector work together to develop innovative technologies for our protection, now and in the future. We extend this invitation to work together to the Greek government and Greek defence and security industry. Let’s join hands to promote peace, justice and security.

Partners for International Business

The Coalition for Defence and Security in Greece is a public-private partnership and part of the programme ‘Partners for International Business’. The partnership includes the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which is a government agency with access to a global network of embassies, such as the Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece. Together with a cluster of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions, the Dutch government is developing a multi-year defence and security strategy for Greece. Together with our Greek partners, we hope to find solutions to the various challenges.

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