Climate Neutral Real Estate Gulf Region

This Dutch private-public partnership offers a comprehensive, innovative and transformative strategy that addresses all aspects of the buildings environmental impact with integrated solutions.

Innovation through collaboration

To achieve international climate goals we need to reduce carbon emissions in the real estate sector. Enabling real estate to become climate neutral requires that we consider every part of the building. This Dutch private-public partnership offers a comprehensive, innovative and transformative strategy that addresses all aspects of the buildings environmental impact with integrated solutions. 

The United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Oman are dedicated to leading in the global sustainable transition in the real estate sector. In order to meet these mutual goals, this cluster brings together stakeholders from the entire value chain to realise the developer’s and-user’s ambitions. We are energized to produce workable action plans by exchanging knowledge, sharing best practices, showcasing successful implementations, fostering partnerships and achieving commitment for monitoring progress in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Through long-term partnerships and by sharing our extensive knowledge and innovative technologies, the Netherlands supports other countries towards climate neutrality.

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Building a sustainable future

From smart technologies to compliant architectural solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of skills to create a more sustainable and beautiful built environment. This cluster of businesses embodies a diverse spectrum of expertise, encompassing every facet of sustainable real estate development. This includes building integrated PV, cooling, smart systems, electricity and power systems, waters systems, and enhanced design for aesthetics, functionality, and well-being. Our approach is deeply rooted in the development of solutions that can withstand the extreme conditions of the Gulf region, including heat, humidity, dust, and compliance with local regulations and 2030 sustainability strategies.

Our solutions

Our solutions focus on optimizing buildings in desert climates to achieve net-zero emissions. We are dedicated to clean and efficient energy solutions in the built environment, such as heat pumps and renewable energy sources like wind and solar. These play a pivotal role in driving the global energy mix towards a more sustainable future, ultimately improving energy efficiency and affordability for all. These Dutch solutions have already made their way to the Gulf region in individual projects. 

Test solar modules have been set up at the University of Riyadh, while in Dubai at Expo 2020, the Dutch Pavilion included sustainable lights and an integrated energy system. 

These solutions are low maintenance, cost-effective, and contribute to the resilience and sustainability of urban environments. In focusing on climate neutral real estate, globally relevant challenges such as air quality, environmental impact, and water conservation, are actively addressed with a focus on improving the quality of life for the entire community.

Towards a long-term partnership

We are ready to enter a long-term partnership to build a sustainable future together. UAE, KSA, and Oman are frontrunners sharing a vision to incorporate innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions to meet the pressing challenges of our times. In the Netherlands, the government, companies, knowledge institutes and R&D centres all work together. Collaboration is our driving force. Together, we foster innovation to design and implement state-of-the-art solutions that can be tailored to the unique demands of the local context and enable green finance in the region. 

Let's collaborate to make a tangible impact on the real estate sector's carbon footprint and build a climate-neutral future together.