Cluster coordinator

EIN enterprise is a regional specialist in business development and innovation for the market segments energy, healthcare and real estate. Typical client organisations are ambitious and committed for growth. This is either based on their success and wishes to enter into new markets, caused by the need to restore the profitability of their business or driven by the desire and need to become more sustainable. Clients are both private and public organisations. EIN is based in Maastricht, The Netherlands, New York and Abu Dhabi / Dubai. Dutch Energy Solutions is a cooperation established in 2009 by main industry associations in The Netherlands in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change. Dutch Energy Solutions currently focusses on transforming the industry through emission reduction and digitalization, circularity of materials in downstream, hydrogen, sustainable fuels for aviation and shipping, and climate neutral buildings.

Cluster participants

Deltares is knowledge partner to assess sustainable innovative HVAC solutions using water and subsoil resources.

EIRES aims to accelerate the energy transition by bringing together TU/e researchers from different departments, working on materials, processes and systems for energy storage and conversion.

Smart battery systems, for increasing self-generated power consumption, energy peak shaving or local grid formation

Specialized in building and developing large-scale solar installations, including storage options, for over 12 years on the ground, rooftops, carparks and façades

European Solar is offering services to secure the potential risks for our customers, to make sure they are not only satisfied with the best contractual agreements, but also in the longer run with the financial result while also reaching the climate objectives.

Challenge EFP European Facade Products to provide affordable quality facades achieving the objective to create Energy neutral estates together.

Innovative solar cell and module concept and applying the highest degree of robotization The PV modules that are aesthetically designed, produced more eco-friendly, without PFAS, lead or fluorine, with high durability, 3 times surpassing TC200 and are produced under CSR conditions.

Exasun offers high quality, highly aesthetical in-roof solar modules and systems that maximizes the solar power on a roof on a very cost effective an aesthetical way. Net-Zero housing can be realized with the innovative Exasun products that combine its BIPV and cooling and heating in a sustainable, integrated roof.

Concept of Smart Hood Architecture. Water, energy, and food-related to innovative sustainable solutions, information technology, and human adaptation 

Holland Water develops and supplies ingenious systems and related services to make water installations sustainable and safe.

The company delivers high-quality air monitoring (24/7), data collection & interpretation and purification. We don’t just clean the air around you, we let you see the air you breathe.

MVRDV works on projects that have a lower carbon impact than traditional construction, its research includes gardens based on local tradition with extremely low water use and rammed earth construction. The aim is to create buildings, gardens and masterplans in line with the desert climate and as responsible as possible.

At Priva Building Automation, we develop Green Building Technology that creates the perfect indoor climate, reduces the carbon footprint of buildings and support building owners and users in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals.

PureBlue Water is your sustainable and committed partner for (waste)water treatment, water production and water reuse. The company motto is “returning water to its natural state”.

Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the IoT with brands like Philips, Wiz, Interact, Dynalite and Color Kinetics.

Solarus is provider of both electricity and hot water on a limited solar collection area. The hybrid solar, hot water solution makes use of proven and reliable technologies. The solution stands out by generating over 4x more energy per m2 (compared to standard photovoltaic solutions) resulting in 4x more CO2 reductions and 3x more profitability.

Leading engineering and consultancy firm with multifaceted expertise, covering feasibility studies, conceptual design, and advanced engineering solutions aimed at creating future-proof buildings and areas. Capabilities extend to sustainable building design, Energy System Design and Integration, cutting-edge 4th and 5th generation district cooling systems, and smart energy solutions that address current grid congestion challenges due to the electrification of heating and cooling systems.

ZigZagSolar provides high-performance solar façades. The institute TNO has identified ZigZagSolar as the champion of the world in best performing architectural solar facades.