NL Ecoparks: The Netherlands & Indonesia

Let’s team up for a more sustainable Indonesia.

Green initiative for sustainable waste management

Expanding populations, worldwide, struggle to find solutions to growing waste problems. Indonesia generates over 105,000 tonnes of urban waste every day, with a mere 5% recycled. With many of its landfills near capacity, Indonesia strives to cut its waste output 30% by 2025 and properly treat the remaining 70%. In the Netherlands, sustainable waste management has become a high-volume throughput industry – removing waste quickly, efficiently, hygienically, regularly and cheaply. The Netherlands recycles 80% of its waste, incinerating 17% with energy recovery, leaving only 3% as landfilled. To undertake such large endeavours as efficient waste management, collaboration with all stakeholders is imperative. The Dutch NL Ecoparks cluster is eager to partner with Indonesia to help achieve its goal of a sustainable solid waste management system.