Coalition for Defense & Security South Korea

Together for a safer and more secure world.

Together for a safer and more secure world

In a rapidly changing geopolitical context, investing in defense and security is key. To maintain its autonomy and protect the country against outside threats, South Korea invests heavily in ever-modernising its armed forces and intelligence. As a highly developed democracy with an innovative and up-to-date defence industry, South Korea has been an important regional partner in peace and security for the Netherlands since the 1950s.  Today, NATO countries and the Korean defence industry are closer than ever. Through knowledge exchange and by intensifying our cooperation on land, at sea and in the air, we aim for a strong and equal partnership to further innovation and R&D.

Dutch Coalition for Defense and Security in South Korea

The Dutch Coalition for Defense and Security in South Korea unites Dutch organisations active on the crossroads of security and innovation. We aim to strengthen this long-term partnership with South Korea, based on autonomy, equality, knowledge exchange, reliability and shared values. We believe together we can make the Asia-Pacific and the world a safer and more secure place. Many of us are already active in South Korea. Through cooperation with the South Korean government and our industry partners we are keen to take this partnership to the next level.

To this effect, South Korea and the Netherlands will sign two Memorandums of Understanding this year: the DMO-DAPA MoU and joint committee and the NIDV-KDIA MoU. These MoU's will focus mostly on land-based solutions, space and naval defense opportunities. Distinguished Dutch research institutes TNO and NLR already work closely together with their counterpart ADD (Agency for Defense Development), while cluster partners Ilias Solutions, Photonis and Van Halteren provide technology, training and simulation. Everyone is committed to support South Korean partners with knowledge, technologies and expertise and contribute to not only optimalisation of the local defence and security industry but also to strengthen allied forces.

From land-based to maritime and aerospace

Our partners offer high-tech, integrated security products, knowledge and services across the entire supply chain. Together, we cover all sectors of the defense and security industry, from land-based to maritime and airspace. From modern air and land-based defense systems to sensor technology, ICT and technical and operational training, we offer the latest technological advancements in defense and security. Innovative Dutch research can help to improve defence operations through NATO qualification & test procedures, threat & protection analysis, munition safety, mine clearance and more.

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The Netherlands as your partner

The Netherlands Defense Approach combines Development, Diplomacy and Defense. Our main focus is on sustainable development, conflict resolution and improving the security situation.  In the Netherlands, the government, knowledge institutions and private sector work together to develop innovative technologies for our protection, now and in the future. Many cluster partners already work together in the Netherlands to connect research and technology. NLR and ILIAS for example combined forces to improve the operational deplorability of aircraft, while TNO and REASEuro work on the disposal of explosives and other chemical products.  The NIDV (Netherlands Industries for Defense & Security) promotes defense cooperation worldwide. We extend this invitation to collaborate to the South Korean government and the South Korean defense and security industry. Let’s continue to protect what we value together: peace, justice and security.

Partners for International Business

The Dutch Coalition for Defense and Security South Korea is a public-private partnership and part of the programme ‘Partners for International Business’. The partnership includes the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, which is a government agency with access to a global network of embassies, such as the Embassy of the Netherlands in South Korea. Together with clusters of Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions, the Dutch government is developing a multi-year defence and security strategy for South Korea. Together with our South Korean partners, we hope to find solutions to various challenges in defense and security.

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