Green Energy Corridor Chile - The Netherlands

Jointly working on renewable hydrogen

A strong and longstanding relationship

Chile and the Netherlands cooperate in various areas: agriculture, sustainable mobility, circular economy, ports and logistics, water and hydrogen. Chile is a like-minded country, with an open economy and aiming to export large quantities of renewable hydrogen. The Netherlands is known for its investment climate, its attitude towards innovation, being a reliable and trustworthy partner and for its international commercial politics. The tax treaty between both countries to prevent double taxation will surely boost commerce further. In the hydrogen economy, Chile and the Netherlands work together since the beginning of 2020.

Chile delegation
H2 Chile

Uncovering business opportunities

Various MoU's, Joint Statements and currently an agenda for strategic cooperation underline this. Not only at government level, also with the Port of Rotterdam. The Netherlands believes in fostering technology as a key enabler in solving global challenges. We’re eager to share our creative, inclusive and out-of-the-box way of thinking with our Chilean partners. We’re joining hands to support the implementation of the renewable hydrogen economy on both sides, while uncovering business opportunities that will allow us to continue developing solutions for further cooperation. We trust we can contribute to the RH2 value chain with this mission. Let’s accelerate the change together!

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