Arcadis, a world leader in design and consulting for natural and built assets. Our knowledge and experience in projects around the world allows us to offer consulting, design, engineering, project and cost management services to not only provide solutions with exceptional and sustainable results throughout the entire asset life cycle, but also to provide answers to tomorrow's needs, optimizing the balance between economic, environmental and social perspectives. Our global network of more than 36,000 employees in 70 countries ensures that we are never far from where our clients need us. We support UN- Habitat with knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of life in fast-growing cities around the world.



Gasunie is an energy network operator. In the Netherlands and the northern part of Germany, we manage and maintain the infrastructure for large-scale transport and storage of gas. At the moment, this is mainly natural gas, but the energy transition will increasingly bring about a shift towards green gas and hydrogen. We also collaborate in the construction and management of heat and CO2 grids. We ensure that this part of the energy supply is safe, reliable and as sustainable as possible, ensuring that everyone has access to energy, always.


Port Consultants Rotterdam

Port Consultants Rotterdam (PCR) is a Rotterdam-based independent consultancy firm with an international reputation in the field of strategy, management, infrastructure and logistic development in terminals, ports and hinterland. Port Consultants Rotterdam offers a unique and full package of port related consultancy services covering an entire port development process.


port of rotterdam
Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest energy port of Europe and currently provides the European Union with 13% of its total energy needs; including 33% of the energy used in Germany. The industry (in Rotterdam, Geleen-area, Flanders, North Rhine-Westphalia and other regions) has the scale, investment capacity, and know-how to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of our society. A prerequisite for this is the high availability of sustainable energy carriers; especially hydrogen. Rotterdam has the ambition to become Europe’s hydrogen hub; based on local production of hydrogen (green and blue), roll-out of the necessary infrastructure and the import of hydrogen; 18 million ton of hydrogen needs to be imported in 2050.


Proton Ventures

Proton Ventures delivers innovative green engineering and turnkey solutions for world-scale storage terminals, ammonia production & decomposition units and other process applications. We develop green projects and infrastructure supporting the transition to an emission-free ammonia and hydrogen industry. Proton Ventures, based in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a professional engineering and project management company in the field of low carbon energy solutions in the ammonia value chain. Project development and innovation are part of what we do. With over 20 years of experience in the ammonia environment and operational reference projects, our enthusiastic team of engineers has extensive experience in providing EPC- and/or EPC-M projects, technical engineering and support services for low carbon hydrogen & ammonia production, as well as ammonia import & export terminals. As a technology agnostic partner, Proton Ventures’ capabilities span the complete low carbon ammonia value chain.



SoluForce is the originator and technological leader in long length high pressure Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe systems (RTP, also known as Flexible Composite Pipes or FCP). They are used for many applications, such as hydrocarbons, hydrogen, water, offshore and mining. It is completely flexible, meaning it can go round corners, up hills, down slopes, across gullies, under water and more with ease. Being non-metallic, it is also fully corrosion-free, does not suffer from hydrogen embrittlement and is quick and simple to install. With significantly reduced TCO and based on proven technologies, it can be the perfect accelerator to achieve local (green) hydrogen distribution in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient manner.


Vopak Brazil S/A

Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company. We store vital products with care. Products for everyday life. The energy that allows people to cook, heat or cool their homes and for transportation. The chemicals that enable companies to manufacture millions of useful products. The edible oils to prepare food. We take pride in improving access to cleaner energy and feedstocks for a growing world population, ensuring safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases at strategic locations around the world.