Use cases

We proudly present applied use cases as an example of the activities of Cybersecurity USA.

Physical layer:

Sea Lock Ijmuiden
aXite Security Tools (AST) has proven its comprehensive cybersecurity tools for the protection of the Operational Technology (OT) systems of Sea lock IJmuiden in the simulation environment. The largest sea lock in the world is located in the Netherlands. AST’s intelligent and patented solution, including its AX-BOX Gatekeeper, has been deployed and enabled the client to execute zero trust access control. Moreover, AST has implemented a virtual shield for OT End-point protection, which identifies data or threats in context and provides intrusion detection with active in-depth defence, both at operational (machine) level. This resulted in efficient fully-automated cyber-event management and mitigation, based on classifications of criticality.

Sea Lock Ijmuiden

Logical layer:

Mozilla Open Source Security (MOSS)
Radically Open Security (ROS) performs audits on open-source projects as part of the Mozilla Open Source Security (MOSS) project. This has led to (patched) CVEs in foundational technology libraries, and a subset of ROS’s MOSS audit reports are publicly available including: expat, graphite, iterm. These security audits contribute to Mozilla's work and to the health of the Internet.

Social layer:

Infosec and privacy for European organization
The sector is typically known for quick growth and mergers. This makes the organization a collection of self-supporting and self-operating entities (to varying extents), who use the same ICT-facilities on a global basis. A take-over by a foreign organization midway through this project demanded extreme flexibility on all sides, also concerning privacy and information security. The continued organizational growth reinforces the importance of making InfoSec an integral aspect of the approach. This enabled all corporate entities, both old and new, to access the network safely and timely, supported by Audittrail as the trusted advisory partner.

information security