Products and services

Learn about the products and services of Coalition for Defense & Security in Malaysia

State of the art technology

This cluster includes industry leaders for smart technology for the Defense and security sector by developing tailor-made applications, such as wireless communication systems and sensor and radar technology.

Training at the highest international standards

Access to the latest knowledge and modern training facilities: through train-the-trainer programmes, consultancies and education institutions in the Netherlands provide tailor-made training programmes on location for coastguards and marines using tactical training techniques and serious gaming.

Knowledge partners

Together with Malaysian partners, we want to integrate new solutions in Defense and security and share our expertise in solving tomorrow’s problems today.

Triple helix

In the Netherlands, we seek cooperation between business, knowledge institutions and governments to develop integrated solutions that deliver practical results. We refer to this partnership as the ‘triple helix model’. We have found that this can be implemented in the local context, for example in Malaysia, while having a global impact at the same time.

Naval Domain
Aerospace Domain
Land-based Domain
Cybersecurity Domain