Realising a hydrogen economy together


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New Energy Coalition

New Energy Coalition is a network and knowledge coalition for  future sustainable energy systems, in the Netherlands and abroad. It's the catalyst behind Hydrogen Valley, a six-year European programme involving over 30 public and private parties in the construction of a hydrogen network in the Northern Netherlands. 


Bronkhorst Future Technology

Bronkhorst is leader in low flow fluidics handling technology and offers an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Its flow instruments are used for a variety of applications in laboratories, machines, and industry. Sharing knowledge and close cooperation with OEM customers enables Bronkhorst to develop customer specific low flow solutions.


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Duiker Combustion Engineers

Safety, Performance and Reliability are the core values of Duiker and are expressed in all their products. Over the years they have become a truly global company spreading from New Zealand to Alaska and from Argentina to Siberia. With their technology extending to a wide range of processes and industries, their roots remain firmly embedded in the petrochemical sector, specifically manufacturing combustion equipment for sulphur recovery units.


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FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe

Fujifilm is manufacturing separation membranes and modules for the natural gas and water treatment markets. Initiatives for renewable energy and hydrogen. They have contract manufacturing business in hydrogen-related components in Japan and the Netherlands. FUJIFILM also promotes decarbonisation for total lifecycle decarbonisation, with their Netherlands' plant achieving 100% renewable energy use.


Groningen Seaports
Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports manages two seaports in the Northern Netherlands and develops flexible hydrogen infrastructure of composite plastic. The development of hydrogen infrastructure is being constructed together with the SoluForce pipe from Pipelife.

This is a proven manufacturing technology from flexible composite plastic. Groningen Seaports would like to meet companies who are active in performing measurements for hydrogen transport and which are working with hydrogen infrastructure.


Holthausen Clean Technology
Holthausen Clean Technology

Hydrogen vehicle manufacturer for heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles.

Holthausen is specialised in manufacturing hydrogen vehicles for the global market. The company looks to connect with companies that provide automotive H2 components as well as with companies and persons who need hydrogen-based vehicles such as trucks and company cars.



Howden is a global leader in manufacturing air and gas handling solutions. 
With the power of our engineering expertise and technology, our equipment plays an integral role within our customers’ processes, which provide safe and reliable solutions that are both sustainable and efficient.

Howden supports multiple sectors including infrastructure, power generation, oil & gas, wastewater, metals, mining and transportation.


Hydrogen Architects


Hydrogen Architects

Hydrogen Architects BV is a specialized consultancy firm focused on energy transition, with an emphasis on the development of hydrogen ecosystems and Hydrogen Valleys. We bring extensive experience in energy and transition sectors, along with a refined network of partners, to drive impactful change. We have spearheaded game-changing green Hydrogen value chain initiatives. Experienced in supporting, defining, and designing novel hydrogen projects, covering the spectrum from innovation to investments, nationally and internationally.


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KIWA is a knowledge institute, and international quality authority. They create trust in products, services, processes, systems and employees, by assurance of safety and efficiency, with specialisations in the application of H2 and other gaseous energy sources. Over many decades Kiwa has been involved in gas infrastructures supply chains from production to consumers. Kiwa invites startup and established companies alike, which need testing, inspecting, certification and consultancy, to work with them.


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Prodrive Technologies

Prodrive's portfolio ranges from embedded computing, motion & mechatronics, power conversion, automation control systems, vision & image processing systems and internet of things products, configurable to their customers' needs.


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SoluForce is the originator and technological leader of Flexible Composite Pipe systems. These systems are used for various high pressure applications for (energy-bearing) fluids and gasses, such as high pressure flowlines, water injection or gas transport.


TES hydrogen



TES provides green hydrogen at scale into global markets with innovative business models based on proven technologies to current and future hydrogen users, particularly across mobility, industrial and power sectors.
TES is developing energy supply and import hubs in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Canada and the United States to integrate and optimise global supply chains, as well as production and export hubs in the Middle East and North America.


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TNO is an independent research organisation. TNO's innovations target practical applications which add societal and economic value. Energy and marterials transions is one of the six domains TNO focusses on. In doing so, the organisation aims to accelerate sustainable energy for a future-proof society.


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Royal Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company. The company ensures safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gasses. This enables the delivery of products which are vital to the economy and daily lives, ranging from chemicals, oils, gases and LNG to biofuels and vegoils.