MoUs signed for BMI at NEDS, more to come

The Partner for International Business (PIB) initiative was designed to foster trade and partnerships by helping companies reach out internationally. Solving global defense challenges, which is what drives this PIB, is not something that can be done without international understanding and collaboration. It is for this reason that the Netherlands and South Korea will sign two MoU’s to advance this partnership.

On November 17th, during the NIDV’s annual exhibition (NEDS), a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between BMI Group and BMI Holding. BMI holding was formerly known as NES Holding B.V. NES Holding decided to change their name to BMI Holding so they could sell BMI products, such as helmets comprised of special Dyneema materials, in the EU. These companies are not the only ones solidifying their partnership.

Through cooperation with the South Korean government and our industry partners we are keen to take our partnership to the next level. To this effect, South Korea and the Netherlands will sign two Memorandums of Understanding in 2023 the DMO-DAPA MoU and joint committee and the NIDV-KDIA MoU. These MoU’s will focus mostly on land-based solutions, as well as space and naval defense opportunities.

We see great opportunities for both sides in this PIB and we are eager to see how the relationships will develop from here.

MOU signing