How we work

Our goal is to create inclusive and accessible mobility by fostering active mobility following the idea of "cycling for everyone!"

Dutch Expertise and Innovation

The Netherlands is renowned for its bike-friendly cities and innovative cycling infrastructure. From consultancy firms specialised in cycling infrastructure and bicycle market stimulation, cargo bike manufacturers and bicycle parking solutions, bicycle data specialists, and bicycle accessory producers; the Netherlands is eager to exchange knowledge and expertise with German counterparts across the value chain. Through direct collaboration between (local) government, knowledge institutions, and private and public partners, we facilitate short lines of communication and swift knowledge-to-product transfer.

Let's Bring Our Bicycle Ecosystems Closer

The bicycle is truly a mobiliser of citizens and society literally and figuratively. The Netherlands is committed to strengthening our ongoing partnerships with Germany at governmental, regional, local, and business levels. Let’s bring our bicycle ecosystems closer to increase sustainability and liveability together!

Our Activities 

Study Visits:

The best way to experience the Dutch cycling culture is to come to the Netherlands and get on a bicycle! To cater to this objective, we provide customised study tours designed specifically for you and your entire team. The first-hand experience provides you with the knowledge and skills to bring back to your city and develop effective, long-term solutions. 

ThinkBike Workshops:

A ThinkBike workshop brings local and Dutch mobility experts together for a series of workshops and tours in your city. The workshop includes presentations, site visits, break-out sessions, group projects, and the eventual presentation of solutions. The format of the workshop will be adapted to your local needs and circumstances.


The Dutch Cycling Embassy, together with Dutch companies, participates in several conferences and fairs, to foster stronger partnerships between Germany and the Netherlands.

Knowledge Exchange:

Dutch experts are eager to share their knowledge with city officials and politicians in Germany. We provide webinars and events to stay interconnected with you and your partners, providing opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange. These events are composed of sessions covering various topics and themes to provide insight into Dutch and international best practices.

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