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Dutch Cycling Embassy 

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public-private network for sustainable bicycle-inclusive mobility. We represent the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience, and experts offered by private companies, NGOs, research institutions, and national and local governments. They are a partner to foreign parties that want to promote their cycling with the help of Dutch expertise. 

The Dutch Cycling Embassy answers questions and requests about Dutch cycling standards and receives delegations from all over the world. Whether your goals involve research, planning, policy-making, product development, manufacturing, construction, or building, they can help you find the best possible partners.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy acts as an intermediary between several different parties: 

  • ‘government to government’ exchange (e.g. knowledge-sharing) 
  • ‘business-to-government’ (incl. consultancy and construction of bicycle parking and other facilities)
  • ‘business to business’ (e.g. bicycle parts)
  • ‘business to consumer’ (e.g. bicycle industry) 
Man on bicycle silhouetted against sunset and nature