Cybersecurity USA

Together with US counterparts, a joint venture of Dutch companies and knowledge institutes supported by government institutions is now moving towards a more cyber secure world. Learn how.

A public-private initiative from the Netherlands

The diplomatic relations the USA and the Netherlands share are among the oldest continuous bilateral relationships in the United States. With the pandemic proving the significance of online presence and tools, ensuring secure and effective cyber infrastructure is crucial in achieving both countries’ mutual goal towards a more cyber secure world.

A group picture of participants of this PIB at the RSA conference surrounding the NL Logo letters
Unified approach

The Netherlands can support the USA in their cybersecurity ambitions by taking a unified approach with niche experts and share knowledge and expertise in, amongst others, securing critical infrastructure against cyber threats, protecting human privacy and securely managing data. With this partnership, all layers (logical, physical and social) of cybersecurity are accounted for with the latest, and more innovative, solutions on offer.

pib USA
Digital gateway

The USA can benefit from the Netherlands’ strategic geographical location and position as digital gateway to Europe. With a highly-skilled workforce, ranked within the global top-5 for cyber-literacy and education, a strong participation in the RSA conference in San Francisco and hosting the One conference in The Hague, the Netherlands focuses on enhancing market entry of cybersecurity businesses and offers a unique entry point to Europe.

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