The cycle path from the Netherlands to Germany

A public-private cooperation between Germany and the Netherlands: Co-creating bicycle infrastructure in German cities

Connecting Germany and the Netherlands through bicycles

The bicycle plays an integral role in solving a variety of global challenges ranging from decreasing pollution, ensuring accessibility and economic growth, and securing good health and well-being, to co-creating sustainable cities and communities. Together, by equipping our cities to ride forward, we can tackle these challenges by improving our commutes, traffic safety, local, and regional air quality and climate conditions, health, and liveability for all our citizens as well as contributing to the ‘Verkehrswende’. 

As two of the most bike-friendly countries in the world, Germany and the Netherlands have joined forces to improve bicycle infrastructure in German cities. By creating public-private partnerships with Dutch companies and cities, we aim to bring Dutch expertise and innovation to Germany and create a more sustainable and bike-friendly future along with German partners.

Let's exchange knowledge

Dutch professionals are keen contributors to knowledge and service exchange in designing cycling-friendly infrastructure and urban planning internationally. By exchanging knowledge and expertise, we can create a more efficient and cost-effective transport system that is within reach for most trips. Dutch companies can provide the necessary expertise to build crucial infrastructure for such an integrated approach to make zero-emission, efficient, and cost-effective transport possible with the bicycle playing an important role in the larger transport ecosystem. 

Join our activities!

As a public official or an entrepreneur from the private sector in Germany, you have the power to make a difference in your city's bike infrastructure. Join our activities with Dutch companies and help create a more sustainable and bike-friendly future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

bicycles on rack