Success stories

Inspiring examples of Australian–Dutch cooperation in waste management


Blue Phoenix establishes IBA processing plant in Australia

In March 2023, the first A$11.3 million Incinerator Bottom Ash processing plant was commissioned at Hope Valley in Kwinana, Western Australia. In this plant the approx. 80,000 tons/yr of incinerator bottom ash (IBA) of the upcoming Avertas Energy from Waste (EfW) facility will be processed. Metal down to minus two millimeters will be recovered, and residual aggregates will be returned into bound and unbound civil applications. The IBA facility is all the more innovative as all Blue Phoenix technology is brought together in one plant. The company cooperated with Australian partners Kerman Contracting, Stantec, MACS Australia, Mechwest and Peritas. For the moment the plant is running on test material, to be fully ready by April 2024 when the 400,000 tons/yr Avertas EfW plant becomes operational.

Hofstetter flare for Clayton landfill

Hofstetter flare for Clayton landfill (Greater Perth Area)

In close cooperation with its partner WaterGasRenew Pty Ltd. and the local landfill operator, WasteBAN participant Hofstetter has sized, designed and built a 2000nm3/hr landfill gas flare. After shipping the device in March 2024, it will be fully integrated in the existing gas plant and will be operated in conjunction with gas engines. The main purpose of the flare is to avoid methane emissions by burning off possible excess gas and to serve as a safety device during maintenance activities. The gas flare is fully compliant with all applicable Australian standards. It features a 99.9% efficiency in destroying the methane by maintaining a temperature in the combustion chamber of over 1000 oC.