The Netherlands and Flanders Mission to the United States

Welcome to the Netherlands' and Flanders' joint mission to the United States. 

Semiconductors have transformed our lives and will continue to do so. This technology plays a crucial role in creating chips for computers, smartphones, cars, drones, and more. Without it, much of today's technology wouldn't exist as we know it. Acknowledging the world’s demand for chip production, Flanders and the Netherlands are committed to co-creating sustainable solutions that promote innovation and partnerships in the global semiconductor value chain. 

Together, we are shaping the future of advancements in an industry that has captured the world's attention. The United States is a valuable partner in our mission, and we consistently collaborate to advance the latest semiconductor generation. Arizona and Silicon Valley serve as hubs of US semiconductor innovation, offering numerous opportunities for Flemish and Dutch companies to exchange knowledge and establish meaningful partnerships. 

That is why the Netherlands and Flanders are organizing this joint economic mission from the 3rd-8th of December.